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Your business is geared to experience data-in-place upgrades for zero downtime as Trends takes into account your specific industry needs to expertly customize the global tech power of Dell.

In today’s fast-paced and data-driven landscape, data usually informs and directs the decisions of businesses. Data is also seen to fuel progress and innovation, expanding the capabilities of organizations.

Many businesses nowadays have been increasingly relying and working on data. As much as they gather data, they are storing it as well. Therefore, there is an emerging need among organizations for flexible and scalable data storage solutions that are customized to their specific industry needs.

To ensure businesses’ smooth operations throughout adaptation to the changing digital landscape, B2B tech expert Trends customizes and localizes modern storage from global titans such as Dell Technologies. The two work in partnership to address diverse data requirements of businesses with greater levels of simplicity and agility.

Modern Storage Built for the Data Era

The Dell EMC PowerStore is characterized by its data-centric design, intelligent automation, and highly adaptable architecture, which all together enable IT to support any workload anywhere without creating additional complexity.

With its data-centric design, the PowerStore gives businesses the capacity to unlock the power of their data. With its single architecture, PowerStore can support an enterprise-class variety of traditional and modern workloads such as physical, virtual, and container-based apps and databases.

Moreover, it combines end-to-end NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express), leading-edge hardware design, scale-up and scale-out capabilities, and a 4:1 data reduction guarantee to deliver optimized performance, storage efficiency, and scalability.

PowerStore also uses intelligent automation and simplified management to drive efficiency and lower operating costs. It has built-in artificial intelligence that eliminates dozens of time-consuming tasks and decision points, while its onboard machine learning engine automates labor-intensive processes like initial volume placement, migrations, load balancing, and issue resolution. These two work together to maintain system balance and improve performance.

Through its programmable infrastructure, PowerStore enables IT to streamline application development and automate storage workflows through integration with VMware and a broad ecosystem of leading management and orchestration frameworks.

PowerStore also includes Dell EMC’s CloudIQ predictive analytics, which administrators can use to proactively monitor storage use, performance, and health. Furthermore, they can get such insights at a faster time, and so take action quickly and manage their storage environment more efficiently.

Aside from its advanced design and built-in intelligence, PowerStore has revolutionary capabilities that not only support current needs of businesses but also empower them to evolve their infrastructure in the future. Its adaptable architecture enables speed and application mobility through a game-changing capability called AppsON, allowing applications to run directly on the appliance.

PowerStore also gives IT the flexibility to choose various deployment options while maintaining consistent operations. This makes it ideal for edge-based Internet of Things data analytics and remote office applications, core data center modernization, and multi-cloud access.

In addition, since PowerStore is covered by Dell EMC’s Future-Proof program, businesses can transform at their own pace with Anytime Upgrades. With three options to choose from, the Anytime Upgrades program can continuously enhance PowerStore’s system capabilities with quick and easy data-in-place upgrades.

With these innovative features, the Dell EMC PowerStore is a very fitting solution for the data storage demands of your business. Built from the ground up with next-generation storage technology, this appliance helps your business become more agile and prepared for change; and it is now within the reach of the local scene as technology-enabled business services company Trends teams up with Dell to bring this solution in the country.

Smooth Business Operations through Expert Customization

A leading business ICT partner in the region, Trends offers sound expertise and the right tools for businesses to optimize the power of data and digitization. Helping businesses meet their goals through deep-tech expertise and global tech partners, Trends has remained an industry leader through its commitment to understanding the needs of partners and providing solutions and services that best meet those needs.

As it brings Dell’s latest data storage solution to the country, Trends aims to help businesses leverage their capacities to make data work for them.

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