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Former overseas workers testify on how Sun Life makes their earnings count…

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are now nearly 2.3 million according to the Philippine Statistics Authority are one of the most hardworking people we know nowadays. To give their families a brighter future as well as to meet their daily needs, OFWs leave behind their loved ones, sacrificing the times they could have cherished with their children and spouse. They leave a world where they have grown up with and brace for an unknown world they have to live in.

This is what Jimuel and Jenny, husband and wife, experienced when they worked abroad for almost a decade.


Jenny and Jimuel are one of the couples who decided to work overseas for a better future. Though they left the country for greener pastures, they found themselves striving hard to come home. Here is the story of their struggle and how Sun Life helped them build the wealth that they need so they can finally be present with the people they love the most.#Kaakbay #SunLifePartnerforLife

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Jenny decided to practice her profession as a nurse outside the country since it is difficult to afford a secure standard of living with what she would earn working here in the Philippines.

While reaping greater gains in “greener pasture,” she has felt the lack of care she could have given to her child. “You’ll give birth just to leave the child behind while working overseas. That’s hard for a mother, who is supposed to nurture her child,” she said.

Likewise, Jimuel, who became an OFW at the age of 23 in Singapore, realized the hardships that comes along with making a living overseas. “It’s really hard to work abroad, especially that you are far from your family,” he said.

It was at this point in their lives that they came to realize how valuable it is to make sure that every earning they reap from their painstaking work counts, not just for their needs-at-hand but also for the future ahead.

“We started planning,” Jenny shared. “I told Jimuel we should start having our house built. Yet, upon planning that house, I came to think that we should not just spend our earnings on the house. We should invest the rest of it.”

Good thing for Jenny, she has an existing policy with Sun Life which she started with as small as P3,000. As she maintained her contributions, her policy’s cash value grew.

Upon the recommendation of her financial advisor, it dawned upon Jenny that she can use part of the earnings of her policy. To her surprise, she was able to borrow around ₱1.8 million. “I have not realized until I applied for benefits that I could really use it,” she said.

She learned as well that she should also insure herself aside from insuring a vehicle or house since she is the one making all these plans possible as a breadwinner.

The couple has come to learn that their hard work as partners should not only provide a secure living for their family at present but also in the future. With embarking on investment through Sun Life, they were able to activate a brightened future ahead of them.

For Jimuel, this has helped him become more thoughtful of how he handles his earnings. “How I handle my money before is way different from today. Before, I was really lavish in spending. I would buy whatever new item is out there, for instance,” he shared.

Jenny, on the other hand, is so inspired by her investing in Sun Life. “I really haven’t thought that investing will have that great impact on an OFW. While you’re earning at work, you wouldn’t think of that. You think you simply invest so that you could use whatever you saved there when you need it. But, I can’t believe that investment can really help in a big way once you get out of your job.”

After a decade of hard work away from home, Jimuel and Jenny were finally able to come home for good.

Just like it helped Jenny and Jimuel, Sun Life, the no.1 life insurance company by the Insurance Commission for eight years in a row, has shown itself to be a reliable partner for creating a brighter future. With easy and accessible investment options and a wide range of insurance products, Sun Life can help our hardworking OFWs make their earnings count.

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Find out in this video how Sun Life has helped OFWs Jenny and Jimuel make their earnings count and create a brighter future.