A people-centric corporate ethos

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Amid tough competition among property developers, coupled with various factors changing the market game today, investing in customer care as well as in the company’s own people can play a vital role in navigating this age of disruption.

This is what Suntrust Properties, Inc., (SPI) a wholly owned subsidiary of Megaworld Corp., is doing in order to remain as the Filipinos’ developer of choice.

“SPI sees to it that it is abreast with the marketing trends, especially in the real estate industry where the competition is head to head with other developers,” the property developer said.

“SPI continues to educate itself, noting that learning is limitless. Employees, managers, and even members of the executive committee are regularly given necessary trainings or seminars as part of their quarterly evaluation. This ensures that the people behind the brand are fully adept and efficient in their respective specializations to be able to deliver the utmost products and services to its clients. As a result, people at Suntrust tend to be more proactive rather than reactive.”

In relation to this, the company is also making sure to improve its way of communicating with its clients, admitting that the digital world has changed how brands develop their marketing and communication materials.

“We really make it a point to be digitally present and engaging as well. Communication in advertising is now two-way; the internet has opened a portal where the audience can give their feedback and concerns anytime. Our clients today are very much empowered. They clearly know what they want and they would definitely find a way to let you know about their thoughts,” SPI said.

The property developer realizes that while it expands its projects in various locations, it now caters to a wider and larger range of market, thus it needs to focus more on its after-sales services. Realizing that it is far from perfection in this aspect, it has created the Client Administration and Relations Department (CARE).

“SPI lives up to its promise of excellent sales and after-sales services when it put together a team dedicated for customer care that allows us to communicate with clients more effectively; they can be reached through social media platforms as well since this is where people are more active now. Suntrust is a client-centric business; we listen to our clients’ needs and their feedbacks are taken into consideration in every decision that the company makes.”

Apart from these services, SPI further enhances the lives of its people and clients through corporate social responsibilities. As shared by the company, SPI focused more on giving back as it celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017, during which more than 2,500 workers and Suntrustees benefitted.

These initiatives are also a reflection of the property developer’s core value of “malasakit” or concern for others, which is also one of the company’s visions and goals to inspire Filipinos to aspire for better homes because SPI believes everyone deserves a home.

Looking ahead, SPI continues its mission to deliver superior and affordably priced homes and envisions itself to be the buyers’ first choice. With the recent acquisition of Stateland, Inc., this further strengthens the brand and enables it to deliver and help address the housing backlog.

The company added that it maintains its corporate identity as the yardstick for affordable township development. This is achieved by ensuring that its vision and mission are both embodied and implemented — externally through its brand and marketing collaterals and internally by its employees and the warm and welcoming ambience Suntrust office emanates.