A cool ride even for old-school drivers

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Integrating tough and smart while fusing classic with modern — this is how Nissan Navara distinguishes itself as a dependable pickup among the rest. With Nissan’s timeless solid-state built and its smart technology under Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the Nissan Navara offers a more confident, more connected, and more exciting driving experience for motorists — from the tech-savvy driver to the old-school ones.

Cyrus Macasera, training and development officer at Nissan Philippines, is an expert on Nissan models and their intelligent features. He took his friend Reinier Barrios, a stick-shift purist pickup driver for 20 years, to test the modern features of the Nissan Navara along the busy streets of Binondo, Manila.

Right before getting in the car, the two friends were welcomed with Navara’s impressive Intelligent Key System. With the push of a button, one can unlock the front doors of the pickup.

Soon, at one press of a button near the steering wheel, Mr. Macasera was able to start the engine for his friend, thanks to the pickup’s Engine Push Start-Up System.

As one gets into the driver seat, he can see Navara’s newest feature, the Nissan Advanced Display Audio system. This 6-speaker 8-inch touchscreen display audio system supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing the driver to integrate his phone to the car and access its functions while he drives. For instance, while testing his friend’s Navara, Mr. Barrios was able to make use of the Waze app on his smartphone right at the screen of the display audio system.


Nissan Navara also provides the Advanced Drive-Assist Display, which shows the vehicle’s fuel economy, digital speedometer, and audio information right in front of the driver.

Mr. Macasera also introduced the stick-shift purist to Navara’s Around View Monitor. Four cameras around Navara give the driver a 360° bird’s-eye view of the vehicle. With the help of the large screen in the Nissan Advanced Display Audio system, drivers can get a fuller view of their surroundings, especially when parking towards tight spaces. Predictive Course Lines are also flashed on the screen to help the car land into a parking spot perfectly.

Also, with the system’s Bluetooth function, one can play music or live streams and even respond to phone calls without veering away from the wheel. Mr. Barrios observed this feature when a call unexpectedly flashed from the car’s touchscreen. With a click at the steering wheel, he was able to respond.

Upon testing Nissan Navara and its innovative features, Mr. Barrios found Nissan Navara to be “convenient, intelligent, and high-tech” — something that old-school purists like him would love to drive.

While the Nissan Navara is embedded with impressive intelligent features, it is also built with strong components that make it suitable for any driving condition.

At the core of Navara’s tough built is a full-length and fully-boxed ladder frame, which makes Navara a very reliable pickup. Built with high-tensile strength steel that is stronger than conventional ones, Navara’s ladder frame goes ahead of the 3-sided open C-shape rails found on other pickups.

Through its Shift-On-The-Fly 4WD System, the Nissan Navara is fit for driving on any terrain, from rain forest jungles to the “urban” jungle. The 4WD System enables the driver to switch between two-wheel (2WD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) at a twitch of a dial. Its Active Brake Limited Slip (ABLS) system provides the traction needed upfront to keep the driver’s steering in control.

Moreover, the Navara integrates power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency in a single diesel engine. With a maximum output of 190ps, a maximum torque of 450Nm, low-friction components that help the engine use less energy to do its job, and improved aerodynamics that helps the pickup move through the air more efficiently, Navara’s engine can make the most out of every drop of fuel.

The Nissan Navara comes with seven models: 4×2 6MT, 4×2 Calibre 6MT, 4×2 El Calibre 6MT, 4×2 El Calibre 7AT, 4×4 El 6MT, 4×4 VL 6MT, and 4×4 VL 7AT. Starting prices range from P929,000 to P1,479,000.

The new Nissan Advanced Display Audio system is available for the 4×4 VL variants only.

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