5 (stove) top tips for caring for your burners

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STOVETOPS are expected to take a lot of use and abuse and after a few years they show the more wear and tear than any other appliance in the kitchen. So La Germania has come up with five tips on how to keep a stovetop in prime condition for years.

1. Start cleaner habits today: Spills and grease splatters can build up over time, hardening into blackened, stubborn spots that clog the burner’s holes, initiate rust, and invite the risk of grease fire. Wipe up all spills as soon as possible, and give the stovetop a wipe down with a degreaser after frying food. One can do a deep-cleaning session every few months, but being proactive with cleaning ensures that you don’t have to do it as often as you would have if you let spills go unchecked.

2. Use back burners more often: Whenever possible, use the range’s back burners, turning in the handles away from the edges to avoid accidentally nudging them. This not only protects the range from spills but also serves as additional protection for anyone who happens to be in the kitchen while you cook.

3. Use special pans for glass stove tops: Electric stovetops are usually made of glass and ceramic, and while they are tough, they can get scratched up if the wrong kind of cookware is used, shortening their usable lifespan. For this kind of stove top, avoid very heavy pans and pots that have rough bottoms such as cast iron or ceramic pots with unfinished bottoms. Avoid placing stirrers and spatulas on them as you cook. They may leave residue that will get burnt into the stovetop, or, in the case of plastic utensils, melt into the surface.

4. Do a deep-clean every so often: Read through the user manual and learn how to deep clean your stove top properly. This will help you avoid any damage you might accidentally cause. Arm yourself with the right tools like a pin or a paperclip for clearing out the tiny holes in the burner, a brush for the parts that can be soaked in water and washed, and a soft, non-abrasive cloth for the stove top itself. If you have a glass stove top, though, deep cleaning is as simple as washing it with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning solution.

5. Know when you need maintenance: Any good brand that has faith in its products will always offer assistance for maintenance and regular upkeep. Always call a service center to replace old and worn out burner tops if you want to extend the overall life of your range and keep your kitchen a safe place. It’s also a must to have your range checked if it has gone through something damaging like a flood, or if it’s been standing idle for a few months.