$200 USD cash coupons offered by HUAWEI CLOUD

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HUAWEI CLOUD (International) has an interesting treat for Huawei users out there as it currently offers $200 USD cash coupons that they can use for any order amount.

Every day from 9 a.m. Beijing time (GMT +8:00), HUAWEI CLOUD offers a certain number of such coupons on a first-come, first-served basis.

As long as one signs in to a HUAWEI CLOUD International account, users can get the cash coupon at this link (

Upon entering the site, click ‘Get Now’ to claim the cash coupon. If you click ‘Get Now’ as a visitor, you will be required to sign in first.

The cash coupon can be used for purchasing pay-per-use resources or yearly/monthly packages. Buyers can use it for a range of our popular products, including HUAWEI CLOUD Server, EIP, EVS, and databases.

Users must first complete their account configuration as required by HUAWEI CLOUD and bind a credit card to their account in order to use the cash coupon.

For pay-per-use resources, the cash coupon amount will be automatically deducted from the user’s bill.

Users must set their Billing Mode for Pay-per-use. Upon confirming the order, click Next. If messages similar to the following displays afterwards, the purchase has succeeded.

Pay-per-use resources charge every hour and preferentially use this cash coupon to pay the bill.

For a yearly or monthly resource package, on the other hand, users should select the cash coupon on the payment page. Configure the resources desired to purchase, confirm the order, and go to the payment page. Then, after selecting the cash coupon, click Pay.

If no cash coupons are selected, users will have to pay the full price.

Within the validity period, the cash coupon can be used for multiple orders, as long as its amount is not used up.

HUAWEI CLOUD users can also check their cash coupon on the Coupons and Discounts page of their billing center.

The cash coupon is only available for accounts registered within the Asia Pacific region. For more information about applicable regions, see the terms and guidelines on the cash coupon page.


For inquiries or any unexpected issues about the cash coupon, contact HUAWEI CLOUD’s customer service at [+852-800-931-122].