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The hard truth about high-value crops

High-value commercial crops refer to “those crops that have competitive returns on investment when traded in fresh form vis–a–vis alternative investment opportunities. These crops are characterized by defined regular or niche market or potential domestic and/or export markets, command high prices, with value added or are good foreign exchange earners. High-value commercial crops are also called non-traditional crops. (High Value Crops Farmer Guidelines – Department of Agriculture (DA) – CAR).

Long-term agri productivity gap: The major cause of poverty

Why is national poverty incidence in the Philippines more than twice that of ASEAN peers -- Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam? It is even magnified in the farmers’ and fishers’ poverty of 34%. Thesis: it is due to broad-based low productivity and concentration on few products.

A new management structure for agriculture

By many metrics, Philippine agriculture trails its ASEAN peers by a mile. The peers are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Expansion of ASEAN food corporations

Many Philippine companies expand overseas to reach more consumers and increase revenues. Also, companies can utilize global markets to introduce unique products and services (https://www.bizjournals.com/).

Philippine fisheries dying

Philippine fishery production declined between 2010 and 2017. As a result, since 2010, the contribution of fishery to agriculture growth has been negative.

The most inclusive province: Bataan

If poverty incidence is the metric of inclusivity, what province wins? Bataan. Surprised? Let us compare the scores of provinces with the least number of...

Memories of UP ‘masa’ dorm

Yakal is a dorm in UP Diliman. It was a “masa” dorm as it had double-deck beds good for four. It was known...

Agriculture: Arroyo and Aquino years and Duterte’s trajectory

Bill Gates of the Gates Foundation supports many initiatives in developing countries. He has espoused the decisive role of agriculture in development. Of the...

The tale of two Mindanao regions

This article will examine the progress of two key regions in Mindanao: Davao and the Zamboanga Peninsula. Davao, in the east, faces the Pacific...

Tracking Global Food Security in 2017: Where is the Philippines?

The Global Food Security Index (GFSI), developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit with sponsorship from DuPont, is a universal benchmarking tool on food...

Poverty reduction is business expansion

How will poverty reduction impact on businesses’ bottom lines? And why should businesses seek rational spending on poverty alleviation? Here is why. The Philippines had...