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Fancy a cuppa?

WHAT BEGAN as the afternoon routine of a member of English nobility in the early 1800s is now a popular and healthy pastime in many parts of the world — drinking afternoon tea.

Whose are better?

EVERYBODY LOVES a wine bargain. Retail chains reflect the zeitgeist, so they’re rushing to cash in by creating house brands to keep their costs down and customers buying. The latest is US giant Walmart Inc., which rolled out its new Winemakers Selection collection in 1,100 of its nearly 4,000 stores in May.

Rum with a hint of sherry

DON PAPA RUM presents a baroque-inspired innovation with a limited edition flavor from four sherry blends.

World’s oldest bread found at prehistoric site in Jordan

WASHINGTON — Charred remains of a flatbread baked about 14,500 years ago in a stone fireplace at a site in northeastern Jordan have given researchers a delectable surprise: people began making bread, a vital staple food, millennia before they developed agriculture.

Kusina ni Mama Sita introduces adlai paella kit

AT the recent International Food Expedition (IFEX) at the World Trade Center and Trade Training Center, Kusina ni Mama Sita showcased a wide range of Filipino flavors along with more than 700 food exhibitors from Southeast Asia.

A little bit of honesty from wines

THE SOUTHWESTERN region of France has played host to many films, from the classic Grace Kelly-starrer To Catch a Thief, to the comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. But while they like to use it as a setting for movies about swindlers and con men, Thomas Dassé, Export Manager of Lionel Osmin & Cie, describes the people there as “more than honest.”

Aussie winemaker blending in fiery Chinese liquor

NOTHING IS sacred at Treasury Wine Estates Ltd. in the pursuit of profit.

Top chefs pick 9 of the best places to eat in...

BILBAO isn’t the first city that trips off the tongue when you recommend international dining destinations.

Spain’s famed Sant Pau restaurant to close

BARCELONA — Spanish chef Carme Ruscalleda last Friday announced he will close his celebrated San Pau restaurant, in the northeastern Catalonia region, which has been awarded three Michelin stars since 2006.

From caviar to veal tongue, football fans get true taste of...

VOLGOGRAD, RUSSIA — Many soccer fans knew little or nothing about Russian cuisine before the World Cup, but have tucked into local gastronomy with relish, trying everything from luxurious caviar to staples like veal tongue.

Sucking up soup with a straw

THREE WORDS come to mind when you’re eating xiao long bao, the Chinese steamed soup dumplings:

These red wines are perfect for chilling

LAST WEEKEND the temperature on my back deck was 95°F (35°C), steaks were on the grill, and I craved a thirst-quenching drink that wasn’t that summer cliché, rosé. With charred meat, beer is not the answer, nor is a frozen margarita or tart white. Sticky summer weather is what the world’s light reds, best served chilled (sometimes even ice cold), are made for.

French discover new pleasure… adult comics about wine

PARIS — It is no secret that the French love wine. But they are also the world’s second biggest consumers of graphic novels after the Japanese.

Keeping things chill with coffee

WHILE Nespresso’s a wee bit late for the summer drinks game here in the Philippines (seeing as we’re already shielding ourselves from the rain), still the single-serve coffee machine company releases recipes every time the summer hits its Lausanne base.

Hidden luxury from pantry: wine and tuna pairings

FEELING A little stressed out but unable to take the weekend off for a vacation? Pamper yourself at home with good bottle of wine, a couple of cans of tuna in the pantry, and a few odds and ends in your refrigerator.

K-pop idols versus food

THE WORLD is fascinated with food these days. Food blogs, cooking segments, and reality television shows centered on food prove that every gastronomic experience — even the vicarious kind — makes for great entertainment.

NZ’s best kept secret: It’s food

AS PEOPLE who keep up with showbiz and society news know, actress Anne Curtis and businessman Erwan Heusaff had a fantastically stylish New Zealand wedding last year. At a June 13 dinner which Mr. Heusaff hosted in collaboration with Tourism New Zealand, he sounded as if he were in love with a place as well as with his wife.

Known for its rum, Tanduay releases a whisky

GET YOUR #pinoypride engines roaring, people — Tanduay Distillers Inc., overtook Bacardi as the world’s bestselling rum brand. Tanduay sold 19.5 million cases of rum last year said a story on BusinessWorld on June 14. Here’s the catch: apparently, the export segment represented less than 1% of total sales, so it can be inferred that a large chunk of those 19.5 million cases were consumed in the country. Take that, Filipino livers.

The stomach prevails: France wins at World Cup on Russian cheese

DUBROVSKOYE, RUSSIA — Russian businessman Oleg Sirota thinks he knows why the French soccer team got off to a winning start at the World Cup: he is supplying their hotel with cheese and yoghurt from his dairy.

WineGame app brings the Master Sommelier experience to the masses

LAST WEEK, Rob Wilder, the co-founder of ThinkFoodGroup, announced the release of WineGame, a simple app that instantly turns any bottle into a fun, multiple-choice blind tasting game. Even if you don’t know Wilder’s name, you certainly know his partner’s: star chef and humanitarian Jose Andrés. The game began as a late-night lark between Wilder and Andrés who would challenge each other to blindly taste and then correctly name the wine hidden inside a paper bag.

As numbers fall, Paris seeks UNESCO help for classic bistros

PARIS — It might seem like there are two on every corner in Paris, but old-style bistros and street cafés are dying out to such an extent that a movement has started to try to protect them.

Great savings at Cucina

MARCO POLO Ortigas Manila has announced a special promotion at its all-day dining restaurant Cucina — it will be offering its lunch and dinner buffet spread for P1,399 until the end of August.

Drinking the Pope’s wine

POPE FRANCIS is a popular Pope, and while he answers ostensibly to God, he is like a normal celebrity: he has pictures taken with other famous people, people pay attention to what he wears, and he has to deal with some of the intricacies that other celebrities face. When he visited the Philippines in January of 2015, crowds swelled to the thousands to greet him. Like most celebrities too, what wine he consumes is of some interest, and on June 12, guests at Chef Jessie’s in Rockwell were treated to glasses of the very same wine that Pope Francis drank during his visit.

World’s Best Restaurant? It’s Italy’s Osteria Francescana, again

OSTERIA FRANCESCANA is the best restaurant in the world, on a night that had a sense of déjà vu, especially for the Top 10.

Here are the 8 Rules for making perfect salads

HISTORICALLY, salads have been the most disrespected of dishes. They’re an afterthought on the table, overshadowed by a grilled steak, a golden roast chicken, a big bowl of pasta. Even a platter of roasted vegetables outshines “rabbit food.”

New dining options at Sta. Lucia East Mall

THERE is a new array of dining destinations on the eastern side of the metro. As it is, the City of Marikina and neighboring areas in Rizal are already on many foodies’ must-visit lists. From the larger food hubs and parks, to hole-in-the-wall restos, the east of the metropolis has managed to carve a name for itself as a foodie haven.

A towering symbol of love

A HAND-MADE wedding dress of intricate lace accented with tiny pearls and over a thousand flowers, and a plunging neckline, might just be the dress a bride could wish for for her big day. That wedding dress recently became a reality but no bride could wear it as it was actually a wedding cake.

The art of plating a dish and taking its picture

A CREATIVELY plated dish, like a live performance, may be considered a temporal art — it is gone upon consumption. Nowadays, as live performances are documented for posterity, a dish is made permanent through photography.

Meat and booze (and cakes and sweets) for Father’s Day

MEATY TREATS and booze await your favorite guy at establishments around the city on Father’s Day, June 17.

Duterte: Rice self-sufficiency goal may not be attainable

By Arjay L. Balinbin, Reporter President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Wednesday, June 13, said he does not believe the country can attain its goal of...

Chefs remember Anthony Bourdain

FOR A generation of chefs and food enthusiasts, Anthony Bourdain’s book Kitchen Confidential was a passport to the seamy, sexy world of restaurant kitchens.

Celebrity chef, food critic Anthony Bourdain dead at 61: CNN

New York -- Celebrity chef and food critic Anthony Bourdain has committed suicide, according to the television network CNN for which he took viewers...

Exploring a heritage cuisine

While some people may be surprised by the wealth of rich heritage food that can be found just one hour away from Manila in the province of Cavite, it should not really come as a surprise since Cavite was part of the galleon trade where goods and spices were exchanged between Spain and China via the Philippines and Mexico.

Spicy new menu at Mango Tree

THE TROPICAL climate of Thailand and the vibrance of its culture are reflected in its richly flavored cuisine. A certain over-the-top quality that is well-appreciated was tasted late last month in the new menu offerings by Thai restaurant Mango Tree in Bonifacio Global City.

Coffee, tea, and an anniversary

DRINKING COFFEE is part of our lives — this is how Paolo del Rosario, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) vice-president for marketing and business development, put it. “You can’t live without coffee. It’s part of daily lives,” he told BusinessWorld.

Dropout to Michelin stars: The rise of chef Chan in Taiwan

TAIPEI — Ken Chan has come a long way since he started out wheeling a trolley in a dim sum restaurant, becoming the first chef in his adopted home of Taiwan to win three Michelin stars.

Heart-stopping meal at a skewer restaurant

WHAT BETTER WAY to spend a Friday than gorging on a dozen fried meat skewers and clogging one’s arteries in the process? Well, that’s exactly what this reporter did last week as she paid a visit to the first Philippine branch of Kushikatsu Daruma, Osaka’s popular kushikatsu restaurant.

You are what you eat | Why you should think twice...

Plants vs. lipids. A look at ketogenic and vegan diets.

An American Diner in Naga

SURE, there’s Jollibee and Mcdonald’s in Naga, but have you ever tried Bigg’s Diner? In a matter of months, one won’t have to hop all the way to Bicol for the Naga favorite, as it plans to expand to Manila later this year.

With recipes, the key to making millions is not about the...

IN 2017, the team from Sir Kensington’s made an estimated $140 million for their ketchup recipe when they sold it to Unilever.

Bicol’s Spanish outpost

IF YOU EVER consider swinging by Naga, there are a lot of reasons to do so. There is the tablea chocolate that stands out, and one might want to say a prayer at the Basilica of Our Lady of Peñafrancia. And while Naga isn’t the setting for pounding clubs and such, a pleasant evening in a nice Spanish restaurant right across the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral might make an impression.

CITEM targets $150 million in IFEX sales

THE CENTER for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) is targeting a “conservative” $150 million in sales during the 12th International Food Expo (IFEX). Trade...

A taste of the country’s food service industry

The country’s food service industry has continued to improve over the past years due to the stronger consumers’ purchasing power, influenced by today’s fast-paced...

The art of steak

By Joseph L. Garcia, Reporter THE JAPANESE have a habit of taking something foreign and improving upon it, resulting in a product sometimes far superior...

Chef Batali investigated as #MeToo spotlight returns

NEW YORK — Celebrity chef Mario Batali is under investigation for an alleged sexual assault dating back to 2005, police said on Monday, as...