Rustan’s ActiveWear is dedicated to followers of a healthy lifestyle

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Rustan’s ActiveWear at the ground level of Rustan’s Makati is specifically curated with the healthy lifestyle movement in mind. -- MIKE MURILLO

WITH THE growing shift in its customers’ mind-set to living better and healthy lives, Rustan’s has decided to dedicate an area of its flagship store to those living that lifestyle.

Located at the ground level of the upmarket department store’s Makati branch, Rustan’s ActiveWear, which was formally launched on Thursday, March 1, celebrates good health and wellbeing through the products it sells and aims to inspire people to pick up the healthy habit while having fun and enjoying the journey.

“Our inspiration as a group has always been the customers. There has been a shift in mind-set to living better and healthy lives so this area is dedicated to that lifestyle,” said Dina A. Tantoco, marketing communications manager for Rustan Commercial Corp., in an interview with BusinessWorld during the launch as she spoke of the decision to open Rustan’s ActiveWear.

“So it’s not just clothes and apparel here but also shoes, accessories, and gadgets which one can use as they take that fitness journey. We wanted them to have a fun experience and have choices for a lot of sports instead of just one specific sport,” she added.

Rustan’s ActiveWear carries quality brands for running, yoga, Cross-Fit, outdoor activities, and gym work, among others, spread out in the store area.

Brands available at the store — a mix of local and international — are Mizuno, Asics, New Balance, adidas, Under Armour, Prana, Maaji, Atsui, Certified Calm, Oakley, S’well, Aladdin, Audio Technica, Skullcandy, Philips, Champion, Quicksilver, Roxy, Columbia, and The North Face

“We know customers do not have much time with traffic bad and all, and they just want to see everything they want in one place. So it makes sense to have a place like this,” said Ms. Tantoco.

“We have good mix of local and international brands which we made sure to be aligned with our brand DNA. Meaning it has to be of good quality and fashionable and stylish pieces. We have limited editions [items] here as well,” the Rustan official added.

It is this “smorgasbord” quality that has fitness coach and celebrity trainer Arnold Aninion excited over Rustan’s ActiveWear.

“I think it’s great that Rustan’s also has a store like this that combines everything, not only clothes but other things you would need to make your fitness and wellness journey,” he told BusinessWorld.

“They have an interesting mix of products here, both for men and women, and I’m really excited for this. And for one who is not specializing in one sport or activity, it is a great place for it has a smorgasbord of products and brands that you check out and experience,” said Mr. Aninion.

Ms. Tantoco said for now, only the department store in Makati City will have a Rustan’s ActiveWear section, but they are not discounting the possibility of opening branches moving forward and adding more brands.

“We’ll see how things do but for now this is it. We’re excited because of the range of products that we have and we hope to draw a different clientele as well with this, maybe the young crowd,” Ms. Tantoco said.

For more information on Rustan’s ActiveWear, visit Angelo S. Murillo