RP Blu Girls win silver in 11th Asian Women’s Softball Championship

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RP Blu Girls
RP Blu Girls

THE RP Blu Girls made good their promise of making their country proud in the 11th Asian Women’s Softball Championship in Taichung City, Taiwan as the Filipinas took on three powerhouse teams in one day, beating world number nine Chinese Taipei, 5-3, and world number six China in a thrilling come-from-behind win, 4-3.

In their championship duel, however, the Philippines lost anew to world number one Japan, 7-0, as they settled for a silver finish.

“I’m so elated with RP Blu Girls’ performance in the Asian Women’s Softball Championships. Their wins against world number 6 China and World number 9 Chinese Taipei, in a span of a few hours, prove that their wins this summer against powerhouse teams such as world number 3 Canada, number 4 Australia were no flukes. I’m so excited about this team and I think they have a legitimate chance of being one of only six teams who’ll play in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics,” said Amateur Softball Association of the Philippines (ASAPHIL) President Jean Henri Lhuillier.

Despite losing to Japan, the RP Blu Girls still qualify for the 2018 Asian Games and the World Championships, bringing them a step closer to their goal of being one of only six teams to be eligible for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.