Porsche’s wagon to soon arrive in the Philippines

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Porsche’s wagon to soon arrive in the Philippines

PORSCHE earlier this year expanded the second-generation Panamera line with the release of a version with a wagon rear, and this car is set to soon follow its sedan sibling’s arrival in the Philippines.

Called Panamera Sport Turismo, the car combines an output of up to 550hp with the advantages allowed by a wagon, namely a large tailgate that opens up to a huge luggage compartment. And marking a first in a Panamera is a 4+1 seating arrangement, which only makes the car more useful for daily, real-world driving.

Porsche said the Sport Turismo is fitted with all the technological and design innovations that were introduced in the second-gen Panamera. Included in the list are the digital Porsche Advanced Cockpit, Porsche InnoDrive assistance system that counts in adaptive cruise control, rear axle steering, Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control with electronic roll stabilization, and range of powerful engines. In whatever variant, the Sport Turismo comes with Porsche Traction Management, an active all-wheel drive system with an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. Adaptive air suspension is reserved for the S variant.

Porsche’s wagon to soon arrive in the Philippines

While the Sport Turismo shares the Panamera sedan’s dimensions — 5,049 millimeters long, 1,428 millimeters high and 1,937 millimeters wide — and wheelbase of 2,950 millimeters, its roof and greenhouse extend farther back, dropping “less dramatically,” as Porsche said, compared against the “coupe-like” rear of the four-door car.

An innovation unique to the Sport Turismo is an adaptive spoiler. Placed in the rear on top of the roof, the spoiler is can be set in three angles, depending on the driving situation and selected vehicle setting. At speeds below 170kph, the spoiler is set at an angle of seven degrees to cut drag and aid fuel consumption. At 170kph and faster, the spoiler rises a degree more to increase high-speed stability.

Meanwhile, the Sport Turismo’s wagon boot means it offers 20 liters more of cargo space than what the sedan can muster, and 50 liters more if the rear seats are folded down. The rear seats split 40/20/40 and are unlocked electrically from the luggage compartment, making the car even more versatile.