New SUVs set to head Peugeot PHL’s lineup

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THREE SUVs — the all-new 3008, latest 2008 and the 5008, which had transitioned from its previous MPV version — is set to head Peugeot’s lineup in the Philippines. The domestic distributor of the French brand, Peugeot Philippines, said the release of all three models is “in line with the PSA Group’s global SUV offensive.”

Peugeot is part of PSA Group, the Paris, France-based manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles under which Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Opel and Vauxhaul belong.

Calling the recently introduced models as “a new breed of SUVs,” Peugeot Philippines President Glen P. Dasig said the latest range ”represents the brand’s bold move into the future.”

Of the three models, the 3008 and the 2008 are already available in the Philippines. The 3008 was directly presented by Peugeot Philippines to its customers even before the model was launched — a novel marketing move Mr. Dasig noted is proving to be more effective for Peugeot’s niche market locally. The 5008, for its part, is scheduled to be launched in the “first quarter of 2018,” according to the executive, who added that pre-selling for the model will “start in January.”

The brand admitted it had arrived “late in the SUV game,” but this, according to Mr. Dasig, gave Peugeot the “advantage to rethink some conventional ideas and notions about the growing segment.”

The company said the models feature a “unique design language” to mark a compact frame that can be lengthened or shortened, depending on the vehicle in which it is used, while ensuring a spacious cabin. This, Peugeot said, allows its vehicles to “look athletic and agile on the outside while maintaining the same degree of space and comfort found on conventional SUVs.”

“Being design experts, Peugeot’s engineers have found a way to trim off the excess bulk that makes an SUV aesthetically big and imposing without sacrificing space. This contributes to a more distinct, svelte figure that forms part of a very attractive silhouette,” Mr. Dasig explained.

Standard in the new SUVs is Peugeot’s iCockpit, basically a control pod for the vehicles’ convenience functions, some of which can be customized to suit personal preferences.

Two gasoline engines are initially offered with the new SUVs. The first is the 1.6-liter high-pressure turbocharged unit found on the 3008, while the other is the 1.2-liter Puretech three-cylinder engine that runs the 2008.

“The most impressive feature in our new SUV range can be found under the hood. I think we are having a resurgence of gasoline engines and today is the right time to take advantage of that opportunity,” Mr. Dasig said.

Meanwhile, the power plant choice for the upcoming 5008 has yet to be finalized pending Philippine government approval. Peugeot has a third engine option — the 2.0-liter HDi diesel.

Peugeot has set prices for the 3008 GT Line at P2.590, and for the 2008 at P1.490 million. No price for the 5008 has been announced. — Brian M. Afuang