Mercedes-Benz upgrades Actros truck’s safety system

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THE distributor of Mercedes-Benz in the Philippines has introduced an even safer version of the brand’s heavy-duty truck.

Fitted on the Mercedes-Benz Actros is the second-generation version of the company’s Active Brake Assist. The capabilities of the system were demonstrated on April 24 by Auto Nation Group (ANG), seller of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles in the country, on a closed-off road at the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the first version of its Active Brake Assist activates automatically only if it detects a risk of a head-to-tail collision with a slow-moving obstacle in front of the vehicle. The system’s latest version also automatically applies the brakes if it senses a stationary obstacle ahead.

The automaker explained Active Brake Assist 2 uses a radar to scan up to 200 meters in the lane ahead of the truck. Along with this, the system also continuously determines the distance to a vehicle or a stationary obstacle in front, as well as gauge the difference in speed between the two vehicles. In case a collision is unavoidable, the system sends the Actros’s driver a red-lighted triangle icon and an alarm, and will still apply the brakes automatically to reduce the truck’s speed.

Mercedes-Benz assured Active Brake Assist 2 operates in all weather and light conditions, as well as at speeds up to 89 kph. It added the system has already been proven in more than 14,000 trucks and three billion kilometers over European roads.

“We are proud to demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of the second generation of Active Brake Assist and how it can further help prevent accidents and collisions. We at Auto Nation Group would like to strengthen the presence of the safest truck in the world — the Mercedes-Benz Actros — in our country to make our roads safer,” said Don Ramos, assistant vice-president for commercial vehicles at ANG.

Mr. Ramos noted the Actros is “by itself a safe and modern truck” that, with the installation of Active Brake Assist 2, is made even safer because of an enhanced risk-mitigating technology.

Other safety systems fitted on the Actros are ABS-equipped discs, acceleration skid control, disc brakes all round, electronically controlled brakes, lane keeping assistant, roll control and proximity control, among others. Active Brake Assist was introduced to the Actros in 2006. — BMA