Lasting for years

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Like all other vehicle types, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) — no matter how sturdy they may be — are not impervious to wear and tear. They are bound to bite the dust so soon if their owners are totally neglectful.

Regular maintenance is the key to stretching out the usefulness of an SUV. It also spares an owner huge and unnecessary expenses that repairing damages that could have been avoided or tackled early entails.

“A dime’s worth of maintenance saves a dollar amount of repair,” says Pro Car Mechanics, a repair and sales provider based in the United States.

“Catching a problem in the beginning can save you a sizable amount of cash. Having your SUV checked on a scheduled basis at the determined auto service center keeps everything working at top performance.”

The firm recommends setting up a maintenance agreement with an auto service center so that any maintenance work is done in a timely fashion and at a reduced rate.

It adds: “You will want to develop a relationship with one particular service and repair center, and not just for the maintenance agreement.”

That center, which can keep a log of all the maintenance services that one has requested for his or her SUV, should have, Pro Car Mechanics emphasizes in an article posted on its website, a good deal of experience servicing SUV models.

There are things SUV owners can do on their own, and they can start with the body.

“SUV owners need to take special care of the bodies of their vehicles. This includes washing and waxing the body to help protect it from the sun, rain, and other damaging elements. This in turn keeps the paint on the exterior from becoming damaged or rusting,” eBay, an e-commerce company, says on its post about maintaining SUVs.

To ensure that the engine is functioning well, one should regularly check the engine oil and change it when it turns dark or dirty. The oil filter ought to be replaced as well.

“Oil helps keep an engine and its various internal components cool and free of dirt. The oil filter aids in this process by removing particles and debris from the oil as it passes through the filter,” eBay explains.

Tires also have to be inspected every now and then. eBay suggests looking at the tire treads and sidewalls for signs of wear or damage.

Air pressure is another important thing to consider when going over the tires. “This ensures that tires do not become too hot from having low pressure, which can cause excessive tire wear. Tires inflated too much can also suffer damage and require replacement,” eBay says.

Don’t forget the interior. “Vehicle owners should clean seats and other surfaces, especially those made of leather, with cleaners especially made for these purposes. This keeps the materials free of dirt, and, in the case of leather, it keeps it soft and supple,” eBay says.

“The dash, console, and door panels need a good cleaning to remove any dust, dirt, or stains. This in turn ensures that the upholstery and other materials in the interior of the SUV lasts for years to come.”