Full Throttle now on FOX Sports

Posted on September 05, 2016

AUTOMOTIVE lifestyle show Full Throttle opens its second season on a new network, promising a bigger and more entertaining offering.

Hosts Rhian Ramos and Sam YG in one of the challenges for their show Full Throttle which will now air on FOX Sports. -- FOX Sports
Hosted by popular celebrities and motoring enthusiasts Sam YG and Rhian Ramos, Full Throttle, which combines in-depth features on the fascinating world of automotive and crazy reality segments, now airs every Thursday at 9:30 p.m. over FOX Sports beginning Sept. 8.

First aired on History Asia, the show now moves to FOX Sports to “legitimize” itself as a motorsports show.

It has expanded on its program offering which includes car reviews, spotlights on popular automotive suppliers and dealers, huge celebrity guests, and a generous dash of insane challenges and segments performed and filmed over land, sea and air to make a thrilling yet informative series.

“Season 2, in general, we made it more fun,” said Sam YG when asked by BusinessWorld what makes the new season different from the first during the show’s media launch last week.

“We have more challenges to make things more interesting apart from the motoring stuff that the show offers. The show is not only for motorheads but non-motorheads as well and we are trying to do it in a way that more people can appreciate it. We are also incorporating a travel theme to it going to different destinations like Cebu and parts of Manila to highlight things that these places offer,” he added.

“Going to FOX Sports we knew we are getting a whole new audience. What FOX Sports stands for is quality sports shows and entertainment and we considered that for this show,” Ms. Ramos, for her part, said.

“We were allowed to be ourselves and we feel free in that sense. Plus, it legitimizes who we are as a show,” she added.

For Jude Turcuato, FOX Sports Philippines SVP and general manager, Full Throttle complements their motorsports shows portfolio, which includes Formula One races and Moto GP.

“Regionally motorsports is one of the pillars of FOX Sports. We have golf, tennis and motorsports is one of the well-received offerings for sure because we have F1 and Moto GP,” said Mr. Turcuato in an interview on the sidelines of the show’s launch.

He added, “So when the show came up and presented an opportunity, we knew it was a good fit. It is about motorsports but has expanded on it. In general, they try to make it more entertaining and legitimize its motorsports component.”

He went on to say that they also saw Full Throttle as an opportunity to engage the motoring community here.

“In the Philippines, this is a good opportunity for FOX Sports to engage the motoring community. The hosts, being part of the community, will help us to do more local stuff and this is just one opportunity. We know we can still do more but this is a start,” the FOX Sports official said.

Full Throttle episodes will likewise be available via linear streaming and subscription video on demand through the respective channels OTT platforms. -- Michael Angelo S. Murillo