Tax court rejects BIR official’s appeal to dismiss Pacquiao petition

Posted on February 05, 2015

THE COURT of Tax Appeals (CTA) rejected the Commissioner of Internal Revenue’s (CIR) plea for the dismissal of Manny Pacquiao’s petition questioning its assessment of P2.2 billion in tax liabilities.

In a Jan. 27 resolution, the tax court denied the bid for the junking of the case for “being time-barred and/or lack of jurisdiction for lack of merit,” it said in its Web site.

Instead, it pushed through with court proceedings, directing the CIR to file her amended comment on the amended petition for review filed by Mr. Pacquiao and his wife, Maria Geraldine “Jinkee” J. Pacquiao.

The CIR -- Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim S. Jacinto-Henares -- would have to comment on the amended petition within 10 days of the resolution’s receipt.

In case the CIR decides not to amend her answer to the Pacquiao couple’s amended petition, her original comment filed in October 2013 would serve as her answer.

“Upon filing of the Amended Answer or the lapse of the period granted, case shall be set for Pre-Trial Conference,” the tax court said.

Mr. Pacquiao, a two-term representative who has earned millions of dollars from his boxing fights and his celebrity status, filed on July 2013 a petition before the CTA for the review of the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s P2.2-billion assessment of his and his wife’s tax liabilities. -- Vince Alvic Alexis F. Nonato