Men more brand-conscious than women -- survey

Posted on October 02, 2012

MEN are more brand-conscious than women, a study by an independent market research firm showed.

Results of Ipsos’ Media Atlas survey showed that 45% of Filipino men prefer to buy “designer goods” compared to only 41% of women.

Forty-four percent of men said they follow the latest styles, compared to only 38% of women.

The survey was conducted from September 2011 to June 2012 and interviewed 8,000 Filipinos “from across social classes, age, and gender in urban Philippines,” according to an Ipsos statement yesterday.

“Women are typically seen as the more designer-conscious gender, but this survey showed a significant difference between men and women’s purchasing habits when it comes to designer goods,” Ipsos Country Manager Carole Ann Solidum-Sarthou was quoted as saying in the statement.

Results also showed that men are brand-conscious.

“...[M]ore than half agreed that they would rather purchase well-known brands. This shows that men are loyal to brands that they already trust,” Ms. Sarthou said.

Women are price-conscious, with prices being the “most important aspect of deciding where to shop.” Seventy-nine percent of the women-respondents said they usually compare prices before buying, compared to 76% of men.

Men are also more adventurous than women in purchasing new products with 31% of the male respondents admitting being “often one of the first people to buy a new product or brand.”

Half of the male respondents say it is vital for them to have the “most modern appliances” but 61% also say they buy environmentally-friendly products.

Paris-based Ipsos conducts the Media Atlas survey to see trends in media behavior and brand consumption among Filipinos. The firm is present in 84 countries, including the Philippines. -- M. J. O. Cantilero