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Regina Online Investing raises the bar

Posted on November 06, 2015

MANILA, PHILIPPINES -- Following the more than 20 year successful operations of stock broker Regina Capital Development Corporations comes the relaunch of its online division -- Regina Online Investing. Over a hundred guests from the finance and business industry were greeted with a show jumping competition to mark the relaunch of its online platform and partnership with its marketing arm, MFT Group of Companies, held at a private club in Makati. The riders leaped over the continuously raised jumping fence which perfectly captures what Regina Online Investing is all about -- to never settle and continue raising the bar of limitations.

Fernando Martinez, Head of Sales of Regina Online Investing, formally introduced the platform to the crowd.
PaolaLorenzo, the only rider who dared to participate at the 1.20 meter class, topped the cup presented by Regina Capital Development Corporation and MFT Group of Companies. Shewas also given a gift certificate for a one night stay for two at the Taal Vista Hotel by Mica Tan, CEO of MFT Group of Companies.

To formally introduce the platform, Fernando Martinez, Head of Sales for Regina Online Investing, gave the audience something to look forward to in the stock market.

With the access to our platform which runs using PSETradex, investors will be equipped with timely and quality information and charting tools where they can effortlessly manage their own portfolio," Fernando said. "It is a good time to invest right now as the stock market through the PSEI is showing its underlying strength by breaking a very strong resistance at 7,20 and with a sustained momentum we might see 7,600 sooner than end of the year and that 8,200 retest and eventual breakout may not just be a wishful thinking but a reality."

Regina Online Investing promoted starting early and young in investing hence the event also announced ROIs collaboration with HR Departments of various companies and student organizations from top universities in the country to promote its advocacy of investment education to young professionals and individuals. Among these are Ateneo Managament Economics Society, Ateneo Junior Fellowship for Finance and Literacy, University of Santo Tomas Scarlet Central, University of the Philippines Circle of Entrepreneurs, University of the Philippines Junior Institute of Accountants, University of the Philippines Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority, De La Salle University Management of Finance Institutions Association and University of Asia and the Pacific Business Economics Association.

Regina Online Investing (ROI) is a partnership of stockbroker Regina Capital Development Corporation and MFT Group of Companies, Inc. It is one of the first to leverage on the user-friendly PSETradex platform, a web-based trading management system which allows users to trade shares of stocks, monitor their order status, and create and manage their own stock portfolio using either their computer or smartphones. It takes pride in providing dedicated managers for every client and service even on a weekend.

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