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By Janina C. Lim

IT industry still offering highest-paying jobs in Philippines: JobStreet report

Posted on February 19, 2016

LOOKING for a high-paying job? Consider getting into the information technology (IT) industry, which has continued to offer the highest salaries across all position levels for a third straight year in 2015, according to leading online employment company JobStreet’s National Salary Report.

In a press briefing in Makati City, Philippines Country Manager Philip A. Gioca said the IT industry still provided the highest-paying jobs from junior executives to managers.

He said the average compensation for IT professionals ranked as junior executives (or employees with one to four years of experience) increased by 7% last year with an average monthly salary of P38,149.

Junior executives in law/legal services and actuarial science/statistics received average monthly salaries of P30,324 and P28,406, respectively.

Other high-paying jobs for junior executives included those in customer service (average monthly salary: P27,890), training & development (P27,471), and public relations/communications (P27,050).

The National Salary Report, which is based on job postings from October to December 2015, showed supervisors (employees with five or more years of work experience) in the IT-related industry once again received the highest average monthly salary at P63,485. These jobs include systems analyst, senior software developer, and IT project manager.

Supervisors in legal services, such as legal counsel and intellectual property specialist, get an average monthly salary of P43,128, while those in quality control/ assurance get paid P38,644 a month.

The JobStreet report also showed managers in IT-related fields earned the highest average monthly salary at P86,550 in 2015, although this was 4.23% lower than the P90,374 average in 2014.

Corporate strategists in managerial positions saw the biggest increase in monthly compensation, with an average of P79,309 in 2015, from P59,109 in 2014.

Managers in actuarial science and statistics also saw higher salaries, with an average of P75,784 in 2015, from P71,300 in 2014.

Mr. Gioca said the on the average, salaries across the top jobs increased by 10% in 2015, which was attributed to the country’s economic growth, low unemployment and competitiveness in the job market.

The business process outsourcing industry continued to offer the biggest number of jobs -- with 260,278 jobs in 2015 or a third of the 781,766 available jobs advertised on

This was followed by the retail industry with 29,578 jobs, manufacturing with 20,764 jobs, property/real estate with 18,622 jobs and construction with 12,133 jobs.

“This is actually very reflective of what the economy is giving us… This is good for us. We see that every opportunity of giving a job is good,” Mr. Gioca said. is a leading online job board covering employment markets in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. It presently services more than 230,000 corporate employers and over 15 million job seekers in its database.