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Penshoppe gets top int’l male model as endorser

Posted on April 13, 2015

WHAT could one of the world’s most successful male models in the world, Sean O’ Pry, be doing in the Philippines?

MALE MODEL Sean O’Pry answers questions during a press conference last Friday. -- KYLE ESTRELLA
Mr. O’ Pry has participated in campaigns for Calvin Klein, Armani, and Versace, among others, and is known in the entertainment world for appearing in the music videos for Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” He has been proclaimed by Forbes magazine as the world’s most successful male model in 2009.

He was said to have been discovered through his prom photos posted on the social networking site, MySpace.

In the Philippines, billboards sporting his image loom large: Mr. O’ Pry is Philippine brand Penshoppe’s endorser for its Spring/Summer 2015 collection. “I can only thank Penshoppe for having me. I mean, I’m in awe right now; this is one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and I’m so thankful,” said the 25-year-old model during a press conference on April 10.

Bernie Liu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Golden ABC, Inc., Penshoppe’s parent company, said, “I think he epitomizes the brand.”

Mr. O’ Pry joins the ranks of other international models and celebrities -- Cara Delevingne, Josh Bowman, Ian Somerhalder, and Leighton Meester, among others -- who have appeared in advertisements for the Philippine brand. “We’re doing that because Penshoppe is really going international... I have more than 30 stores now abroad, and we’ll be growing even more, and being able to tap the international endorsers would also enable us to reach through more international customers,” said Mr. Liu. He counted stores in locations such as Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Middle East. Golden ABC’s other brands include Oxygen, Memo, Forme, Regatta, and Tyler.

When asked how the international models sell homegrown clothing, Mr. Liu smiled. “They’re good-looking, aren’t they? And of course, they’re popular; they have their own follower base, so it helps. Of course, the model doesn’t make the brand. They are just there to help the brand, sell our clothes, and introduce our brands to the market.”

When Mr. O’ Pry was asked why he chose to work for a Filipino brand, he said, “Look at what the brand stands for. I mean, the Liu family is incredible; why would you not want to work with them? I mean, I don’t even know any celebrity that could say no to this family... and what they stand for.”

Mr. Liu on his part, said, “Who can say no to the Philippines? I mean, you know, when you invite them to the Philippines... a group of islands in the Pacific; why not?” He added, “Well, it says that something good can come out of the Philippines, a brand like Penshoppe that is endorsed by all these international models. It’s not just your ability to pay them; they have to say yes, and for them to say yes to a brand like Penshoppe speaks volumes.”

Mr. O’ Pry was affable during the press conference: laughing, greeting guests whom he had already met, talking about his activities in Palawan, which included kayaking and “avoiding jellyfish.”

“I think the key to success is just being yourself, and if other people don’t like that, then you know, truthfully, screw ‘em,” said the stunner, who was raised in Georgia, USA.

According to an interview with Vanity Fair in November last year, titled “Taylor Swift Made Her ‘Blank Space’ Music Video costar Sean O’Pry Blush on Set,” Mr. O’ Pry said that he takes acting classes, because, “I want to be well-accepted as an actor, not just [as] a prop.” During the press conference, he said, “Have you ever been a prop? It sucks.” -- JLG

Summer style

On April 11, Penshoppe thrilled guests during its Spring/Summer 2015 Denimlab fashion show with its latest endorser, international model

Sean O’ Pry, walking its runway. The collection showed three lines: the Summer collection, the Utilitarian connection, and the Denim collection.

The show began with Mr. O Pry wearing a striped shirt with fern and frond-printed sleeves and a pair of light-colored denim shorts. The audience went wild as Mr. O’ Pry walked along the three runways. The other outfits were greeted with more sobriety, with a lot of pink pastels on the ladies, neoprene tops, graphic tees, and -- even on the men -- sweet-inspired outfits such as sweaters printed with candy sprinkles or fruits.

For the next collection, Mr. O’ Pry appeared on the runway wearing a camouflage print shirt, jeans, and a khaki bomber jacket, setting the tone for military-inspired outfits with tight camouflage pants for the ladies, along with drab khaki and olive coats and jackets, and more camouflage shirts for the men.

For the Denim collection, they placed Mr. O’ Pry in a slate-blue tank top with jeans. The other models also wore similar tops to draw more attention to the jeans, which came in a variety of light-colored washes and slightly slouchy cuts. For his finale walk, Mr. O’ Pry appeared in a denim hoodie. Confetti rained down on him as he walked backstage, coming out again surrounded by the other models, all clad in white tops and light-colored jeans.

Mr. O’ Pry said during a press conference, “To find your own style, it goes back to just being yourself. I mean, you have to find what you feel comfortable in. But my style is more relaxed. I like a good pair of slacks or jeans and a white T-shirt. You don’t need to put a lot into [it] to be happy and confident. It’s what you portray within the clothes -- you embody them.”

Said Penshoppe brand director Jeff Bascon, “Didn’t you notice how the collection was presented? It was very laid back; it was just effortless.

Because we didn’t want to be too presumptuous... it was just effortlessly cool, and that is who Sean O’ Pry is.” -- JLG