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Direct selling company expands to beauty supplements

Posted on July 16, 2012

DIRECT SELLING brand Avon, is expanding into new territory in the country, focusing on not just making women feel beautiful from the outside with its existing cosmetic and apparel lines, but also from the inside.

The company has joined the country’s health and beauty supplements industry, a long-overdue arrival since the brand’s pharmaceutical line has long been available in the West and selected markets in Asia.

The first two supplements introduced under the Avon Life band were specially formulated for the Philippines, and, not surprisingly, the products are for whitening and slimming.

Avon Life, according to Zenaida Velasco, Avon Life nutrition expert and a registered nutritionist dietician, is a combination of healthy and beauty. Under the new nutritional category are Avon Life Glow and Avon Life Fit.

Avon Life Glow claims to not only promise a fairer skin tone but also promises to build a stronger immune system. There are three products to choose from, depending on one’s lifestyle, goals and preference -- Glutathione with N-Acetyl Cystein (NAC) (P1,349), white tea with Glutathione (P599) and grape seed extract (P299).

The first product is unique, said Ms. Velasco, as it provides double action whitening. “Because Glutathione is naturally produced by the body, the NAC helps boost the body’s natural production,� she said. It also acts as an antioxidant, an immune system booster and detoxifier.

Meanwhile, the white tea with Glutathione’s combined benefits lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and maintains youthful skin; while the grape seed extract is recommended for women who are usually out under the sun as it helps prevent discoloration and aging.

Boosting metabolism and helping women to stay in shape is the Avon Life Fit line, featuring an L-Carnatine supplement with tea polyphenols (P499), which claims to aid in converting fat to energy and boost metabolism; the ProSlender fiber drink (P499), a pineapple-flavored drink which helps keep women feel fuller longer, with Casein Glycomacro Peptide, a whey protein that helps to control appetite; and TeaTrim (P249), a combination of oolong, lotus and green tea, in one tea bag.

Avon Life Fit aims to support the metabolism which slows down with age. The most desirable weight is the weight a woman was at 25 said Ms. Velasco, who noted that as women age, it gets harder and harder to maintain a consistent weight or lose weight despite being active, and for this supplements can help. However, she emphasized that a proper diet and exercise are still recommended to achieve desired results.

All three products from Fit and Glow are apparently safe to use together. New supplements are in the works and are slated to be launched by March next year.

Avon’s nutritional supplement in the region are created and manufactured at its regional nutritional research and development in Guangzhou, China.

Reacting to the common perception that supplements from China are of low quality, Dr. Zhi Lu, Avon’s director of regional research and development, assured that all the supplements created in their facility are safe and follow strict standards.

He noted that it doesn’t matter where supplements are manufactured but what standards and protocols they undergo.

He emphasized that Avon abides by one single global safety standard which is followed by all the facilities worldwide, noting, “Avon’s quality standards are higher than national industry standards.�

Avon Life products are available exclusively through Avon representatives nationwide. For details log on to -- CERS