Staying In

You Were Never Really Here

You will never really cohere

Gods and monsters

Phantom Thread

Silk purse




Packing a whole lot of wallop

Railway Empire

Riding the rails

Living up to its promise

Manhunt 1

Four by three

Dragon’s Crown Pro

A polished remake

Cinematic and polished

Porco Rosso 1


Attack On Titan 2

Well worth its price tag

Best superhero movie of the year

20-year-old series shows why it works

Amo 1

Who’s the boss?

Tale spin

A work in progress

In praise of Jesus Christ Superstar

Charming, stylish, and fun


penny punching princess

Choosing between knuckles and a calculator


An acquired taste

Rewriting the Stars

Noir on steroids

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

A lot better than its ancestry

Do you remember when…?

An acquired taste

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ 1

Well worth its price

Lots of rhythm, a few blues

For a few hours of distraction

A Ghost Story

Comin’ around again


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